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Custom handmade wool rugs

custom handmade rugs gold coast australia

Let your imagination run wild with our custom handmade rugs! Have you been searching for that perfect coloured wool rug, but haven’t been able to find it? Look no further! Introducing the Olbia Collection. Every rug from this collection is handcrafted using techniques developed over the 50-year period in which Tisca has been making traditional handwoven rugs. The Olbia Collection comprises of 96 different colours in 26 different styles, therefore providing endless variations for individuality in your home.  

With facilities across central Europe, the wool goes on a journey between factories in Austria, Romania, Germany and Switzerland before arriving in Transylvania. This is where experienced weavers use only the highest quality wool that predominantly comes from New Zealand and gets crafted into a handwoven custom rug.   

Rug styles

Discover the process in which these custom handmade rugs are made. 

Custom Size Rugs

If you’re looking for a rug that’s large or small, narrow or widewe can custom make it to suit your needsEvery rug from this collection can be supplied in the size you are looking for, from a width as little as 50 cm up to an extra-large size of 6 in any length.  

Custom Shape Rugs

Do you want a rug that stands out? No shape is too difficult; circle, oval, square or geometric shapes are possible. Contact us to design your own custom handmade rugs! 

Custom Rug Colours

There are over 96 different colours to choose from. If you cant decide on just one colour, not to worry you can mix colours to create your ideal custom coloured rug.  

Rug Fibre

Every individual rug is made from 100% pure new virgin wool from New ZealandSheep’s wool is a natural product that has numerous benefits with one being it can absorb and release large amounts of moisture especially in humid climates like QueenslandTherefore, it regulates the interior climate of the room leading to a more pleasant atmosphere.  


As an added benefit some of the styles in the Oblia Collection can even be reversed. This will assist with the overall wear of the rug over time 


Texture is one of the most understated elements you can bring to your home. Rug texture can depend on the size of your room. A large room can accommodate a large and chunkier profile when compared to a smaller room which is often suited to a smaller textured style rug.   

Care & Maintenance 

For general cleaning, a weekly vacuum at a minimum with a flat nozzle is sufficient. 85% of dirt in carpet and rugs is dry dirt and can be removed by effective vacuuming. We recommend you revitalise your rug by laying it outside twice a year. Wool is a fantastic natural fibre, especially when you can take advantage of the self-cleaning effect. However, a professional wool safe rug clean is suggested every two years.   

Cleaning your wool rug

It’s inevitable your rug will get dirty, the kids with play on the it, the cat or dog leaves hair or your wine glass spillsStains caused by water-soluble dyes such as coffee, tea, wine, ink, can be removed if act quicklyImmediately wash the area with lukewarm water and a small amount of soap before they bond with the wool. Sometimes this process must be repeated two or three times. Ensure you always dab with a lint free cloth do not rub! 

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