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Warm your home with carpet

Miami Bedroom Troika Sochi
Image above: Bedroom carpet featuring Troika: Sochi

As winter approaches there is nothing worse than waking up from a restful night’s sleep, only to find your feet on a cold floor. We need to start to thinking about warming our homes, a simple and easy way to do this, is to add carpet. Wool carpet is a great option as it instantly transforms your room into a cozy, comfortable and welcoming environment for many years to come.

At Cross Carpets we have generations of expertise and experience helping thousands of Australian families enhance their homes with wool carpet. For decades people have chosen to lay carpet throughout the living areas of the homes and there are a number of reasons why. Carpet adds sophistication and a sense of luxury while also creating a peaceful environment to unwind and relax.   

There are a number of ways to add warmth to your home.

Here are a few helpful tips:

  • Lay wall to wall wool carpet in all living areas such as bedrooms, living room and entertainment rooms
  • Use warm colour tones such as cream as this can add a greater sense of warmth, compared to grey tones
  • Wall to wall carpet assists with reducing drafts coming from underneath the doors
  • Add thick foam underlay as it adds a cushioned buffer between the subfloor and your carpet
  • Quality underlay will also help retain heat loss
Cross Carpets Popular Residential Wool Carpet
Samurai Kawa
Samurai: Kawa
Troika Sochi
Troika: Sochi 
Levante Shamal
Levante: Shamal

Benefits of having carpet in your home:

Living room carpet

  • Adds softness and comfort making it the ultimate surface for your children to play on
  • Increases insulation and therefore keeps energy costs down compared to hard flooring
  • Adding carpet reduces your cleaning time, a simple weekly vacuum is sufficient compared to hard flooring where you have to sweep and then mop

Staircase carpet

  • Assists with safety as it reduces the risk of slips and falls, especially on staircases
  • Carpet runners assist with durability and prevent scratches to your timber or tiled floor
Cross Carpets Curlicue: Second to None

Entry & hallway carpet

  • Provides a welcoming environment giving the first impressions of your home
  • Feels soft underfoot when walking between room of the home

Bedroom carpet

  • Elevates any unwanted noise consequently contributing to a more relaxing and quieter space
  • Ideal for asthma and allergy suffers as it improves air quality and leads to a better night’s sleep
  • Can easily be replaced when looking to renovate or remodel

Home cinema carpet

  • Diminishes sound transfer from the TV to other rooms of the home
  • By using colours, patterns, and textures this will enhance your home cinema experience
  • Keeps the sound clear and helps reduce sound reverberation


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