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Carpet Tiles: the perfect solution to your commercial space 

Works Stream Hazelnut Long Shot
Image: Works Stream carpet planks

Did you know that the average person will spend 90,000 hours at work over their lifetime that’s equivalent to one -third of your life! Therefore, your time at work can have a massive impact on your overall life. Which makes it important to create a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere for your customers and employees. No matter where you work or what industry, your commercial space is a direct reflection of the company, making it vital to make a good impression. Carpet tiles are a fantastic way to add colour and style to any commercial space.  

Carpet tiles are just like the name suggests, a pre-cut piece of carpet. Traditionally carpet tiles were made form wool however, with the introduction of synthetic materials, the vast majority are now made from polypropylene, nylon and polyester.  Carpet tiles are also often referred to as modular carpet. There are two main styles, the traditional square and a modern style plank as shown below. 

Flashplay Flare
Flashplay Flare
Ct101 Steel
City Of Angles Jet
City of Angles Jet
Chroma Dots 1 Bone
Chroma Dots 1 Bone
Building Blocks Alabaster
Building Blocks Alabaster
Broome Street Blue Glass
Broome Street Blue Glass
2392003000g105001 Works Stream Granite Va1
Works Stream Granite
2391006000g105001 Works Atom Navy Va1
Works Atom Navy
Interface Hn850 Nickel
Human Nature Nickel
7267010999g17a001 Ur501 Navy Va1
Urban Retreat Navy
2396001000g121001 Works Unite Sage Va1
Works Unite Sage
2322003000g121001 East Coast Tide Va1
East Coast Tide


  Quick and easy to install. With inbuilt underlay as well as already being cut to size, carpet tiles are a much faster alternative to install than wall to wall carpet and therefore are a more cost-effective option.  

  Extensive range of colours and patterns with the ability to customise your design. Carpet tiles allow you to create flexible configurations, you can lay the tiles in the standard way or try a checkered pattern. You can even experiment with alternating different colours to create a truly unique floor.  

  Low maintenance as any direct tiles can be quickly and easily cleaned. Stained and damaged pieces can also be easily replaced without affecting the rest of the flooring, making it the perfect floor for offices. Replacement tiles can be stored efficiently, requiring only minimal space.  


X With inbuilt underlay, carpet tiles do not provide as much cushioning when compared to broadloom carpet and thereby not as soft underfoot.  

X As the tiles are simply placed alongside one another the seams remain visible once installed. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing if a checkered pattern is a look you want.  

Img 9934

With the ability to life and replace individual tiles, this makes carpet tiles the ideal flooring for:

  • Businesses and corporate offices
  • Universities, schools and childcare centres
  • Health care
  • Aged care
  • Leisure and hospitality
  • Retail
  • Body corporate

Carpet tiles are flexible in their design

Flotex Planks Seagrass 111004 Charcoal
Flotex Planks Seagrass 111002 Cement & 111004 Charcoal
Flotex Planks Seagrass 111001 Pearl, 111002 Cement & 111004 Charcoal
Flotex Planks Seagrass 111001 Pearl & 111002 Cement
Flotex Planks Seagrass 111001 Pearl & 111002 Cement (2) (1)


No, unfortunately just like carpet, carpet tiles are not waterproof. However, if your room were to flood you may be able to pull up the tile, let them dry and stick them down again with new glue.  

Yes, you can use carpet tiles in your home however they are better suited to commercial spaces. One of the most popular areas in the home to have carpet tiles is in the garage. If you are wanting to drive your car on them, we recommend using a dark colour.  

Using a wet cloth and a suitable carpet cleaner, rub the surface of the stain rotating the cloth in a circular motion Don’t forget to rinse out the cloth and rinse the carpet tiles before letting them dry. Remember to lay the carpet tile flat.  

P.s Do not use any bleach products as this will remove any colour in the yarn and possibly soak through to the backing and melt it.  

It is always recommended to glue your carpet tiles down, this is for several reasons such as:  

  • In tropical climates, carpet tiles can expand and compress with humidity  
  • Can be a trip hazard if a tile was to come loose 
  • Carpet titles can move around if not glued down 
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