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Caring For Your Carpet: Cleaning & Maintenance

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With your brand new carpet now installed, it’s important you know how to clean and maintain your carpet for the future. Looking after your carpet is vital! When you remove the dirt that leads to stains, you’re preserving the carpet’s original texture and increasing its lifespan. Considering the average Australian spends 83% of their life indoors that’s a massive 20 hours a day, having clean air is just another part of looking after your health. Many people don’t realise that carpet is the filtration system in your home, it traps all the dust and odour deep in its pile, therefore like any filter it needs regular cleaning to optimise its life and filtration ability.

Wool carpet has its own unique filtration system and hypoallergenic properties. It’s great for asthmatics and allergy sufferers. Wool does not promote the growth of dust mites or bacteria or give off harmful emissions. Wool also traps potential allergens, removing them from the air you breathe making it a natural air purifier.

Golden rules for caring for your carpet

  • Act quickly and treat spills as they happen
  • Vacuum regularly – once or twice a week
  • Professionally clean your carpet every 12-18months

Read more on our Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance page

Vacuum Cleaning

Carpet Care Tips

  • Use furniture coasters to prevent carpet dents as this will distribute the weight and prevent pile crushing.
  • A good quality vacuum cleaner is essential to prolong your carpets life and beauty.
  • Excessive UV rays from sunlight can age carpet prematurely. When possible, close blinds to protect carpet if exposed for extended periods of time.
  • Use outdoor mats to prevent unwanted soil and moisture being tracked into the home.
  • As carpet ages, it may sprout the occasional loose thread. Simply these with scissors – never pull threads out!
  • Move heavy furniture occasionally to avoid excessive pile crushing.
  • When using rugs over the top of your carpet ensure your rugs are dry, colourfast and clean. Don’t forget to clean underneath your rugs.

WoolSafe Approved

BoxWoolSafe is a worldwide organisation dedicated to the promotion of quality care for wool carpets and rugs. When you are caring for your new carpet or rug, for peace of mind always look for WoolSafe logos on the packaging of any cleaning products you use. Products carrying this mark will have been independently tested and certified by WoolSafe.

  • Download WoolSafe App – assists with step by step cleaning tips
  • www.woolsafe.org


wool carpet care
OzKleen Carpet Power

WoolSafe Cleaning Product

Ozkleen’s Carpet Power
Proudly 100% Australian owned, OzKleen stands out not just for its environmentally conscious values, but also because OzKleen cleaning products actually work. Since 1995 OzKleen have been operating from South East Queensland.

Simply squirt Carpet Power on to the stain and leave for up to five minutes. Thoroughly rinse by gently pressing with a damp cloth and using a small amount of water.

Never rub, always press, rinsing and wringing out the cloth and reapplying Carpet Power until the stain disappears completely.

Need a professional

We recommend PHJ Services for all professional carpet cleaning. As an added bonus they are WoolSafe approved! PHJ Services is a locally and family owned company based on the Gold Coast. They have been delivering carpet cleaning and restorations to homes, high rise apartments, resorts, real estate properties as well as small to large business since 1975.

Phj Services Logo

PHJ Services

5/1 Fortitude Cres, Burleigh Heads
07 5520 7733
[email protected]

Cavalier Bremworth Wet & Dry Stain Removers

Wet And Dry Stain Cans 2014 Triple Shot 3
Cavalier Bremworth has designed their own stain removing products, which are both suitable for wool and synthetic carpets and rugs.

Dry Stain Remover

It’s designed to work on most food, drink, oil and grease-based stains. It’s effective on almost any dry stain that has not caused a chemical reaction with the carpet fibres.

Wet Stain Remover

The wet stain remover works by applying a soft foam, which dissolves into the stain and helps lift it off the carpet when blotted up with a clean, dry paper towel.



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